Programs & Services

The Many Ways we Help.

Mission Statement

To demonstrate the love and compassion of God to neglected and abused children by providing safety, renewed hope, healing, and a healthy model of family living

Counties We Serve

  • Kern
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Santa Barbara
  • Tulare
  • Kings
  • Fresno
  • Madera

Pathway is providing services in the following programs

Foster Care

Pathway Family Services demonstrates a deep commitment to the children in foster care in California by training, certifying, and supporting resource families in their efforts to care for abused and neglected children. Pathway Family Services has transformed the lives of hundreds of families by providing mentorship, resources, and on-going education to resource families in hopes of restoring health, hope, and wholeness to these abused, neglected, and at-risk children.

Intensive Services Foster Care

Many youths are in need of additional support and services beyond the normal therapeutic foster care home. Pathway has established a new and rapidly growing ISFC program. Resource families are recruited, provided additional specialized training and work closely with their assigned ISFC Pathway social worker to provide the appropriate level of supervision, and to access counseling and other needed services to help the foster youth to achieve success in living as a member of a family unit.

Adoption Services

No child should have to live with the uncertainty of not knowing where they really belong; foster care was never intended to be a long-term solution to the danger and deprivation children in the foster care system have endured. While Pathway Family Services operates as a high quality therapeutic foster care environment, we also are licensed as a California adoption agency, so that once it’s determined a child’s biological parents aren’t going to regain custody of their child, resource families are able to secure their foster child’s permanent future through adoption. Working in tandem with the child’s county social worker, Pathway completes the required adoption home study at no cost to the family who is adopting. The process is very similar to the assessment completed when a family becomes certified to provide foster care, and meets all of the state and federal home study requirements for a family to be able to adopt.

Emergency Homes

Pathway operates a Shelter Bed Program for the Department of Social Services in Santa Barbara County. Normally, Pathway provides 10 to 12 beds in Pathway certified foster homes for the purpose of accepting youth being detained by Social Services on an emergency basis. This program usually provides a 30 days or less placement service for children who are in the process of being returned home, or sent to live with relatives or other temporary or permanent living arrangements. Pathway’s identified Resource Families are on call 24/7 to receive emergency placements into their homes. During the short time the children are in the home, our parents provide stable, nurturing, safe, and caring environment, until long term resource homes or birth family are identified.

County Resource Family Evaluations

County Resource Family Evaluations

Since 2015, Pathway has provided contracted services to County Departments of Social Services to provide family evaluation services which includes interviewing, assessing and written reports that help prepare families to serve as county resource parents, who are working directly with county social services.

County Resource Family Support Services

County Resource Family Support Services

Since 2019, Pathway has provided contracted services to resource families who are working directly with county social services as resource parents. These special services provide these families assistance with accessing communities’ services, scheduling appointments and strengthening relationship and communication with assigned county social workers.

Community Support and Enhanced Care Management

This is Pathway’s newest specialized service to at-risk youth and their families. Pathway’s team members provide practical guidance and support to families that are in need of connecting to community services and professional provider services to enhance the well-being of their physical, mental, behavioral and relationship experiences. The goal is to enhance the quality of life through maintaining a healthy family experience that results in youth not needing the services in the foster care system.

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