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Family Evaluation

Family Evaluation

Pathway Family Services has provided Family Evaluation Services since 2014 for Santa Barbara County and more recently for San Bernardino County. Pathway has completed more than 450 family assessments to assist the family to complete the process to receive a foster child into their home.

Family Evaluation Services are completed on all families applying for placement of children, including adoption, foster care, and kinship care. They are psychosocial assessments that evaluate the motivation, history, and current circumstances of potential resource families to determine their strengths and challenges and the best placement options for them.

Upon receipt of the referral by Pathway, the Adoption/Evaluation Program Director will assign the referral to a Pathway Family Evaluation Services social worker, who will then review the paperwork received and contact the family to schedule the first interview within 7 days of receiving the referral. If any additional paperwork is needed, Pathway will work with the assigned County social worker to obtain any needed paperwork. The Pathway social worker will complete the Family Evaluation which requires a minimum of two interviews with the family, including both joint and individual interviews with all family members. The information compiled will be documented in a psychosocial assessment on the family, identifying the families’ strengths and addressing any challenges. Upon completion of the assessment, a final copy will be provided to the county who has final authority on the approval and placement of children into the home.

If a county department of social services is interested in partnering with Pathway to provide these services in their county, they may contact The Executive Director, Rick Smith at or 877-550-KIDS.

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