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Pathway TBRI® Family Training Program

Welcome to the Pathway TBRI® Family Training Program by Pathway Family Services. This innovative program offers holistic Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) training, designed to support the complex needs of vulnerable children through attachment, sensory processing, and neuroscience research principles. TBRI® is recognized for its effectiveness in the child welfare system, aimed at improving the physical, emotional, behavioral, and social needs of children by fostering safe, trusting relationships.

Program Overview:

  • What is TBRI®? A therapeutic model developed by Drs. Karyn Purvis and David Cross, focusing on Empowering, Connecting, and Correcting Principles to support healing and healthy development.
  • Empowering Principles address physical needs, safety, and learning environments.
  • Connecting Principles meet attachment needs, building trust and mutual respect.
  • Correcting Principles guide behavior with dignity, emphasizing proactive strategies.

Program and Service Delivery:

Pathway’s TBRI® Family Training is designed to:
  • Enhance caregiver support for mental and emotional health.
  • Foster positive, enduring relationships.
  • Improve emotional and behavioral self-regulation.
  • Mitigate trauma and behavioral challenges.
The program includes 24 hours of training by a qualified TBRI® Practitioner and 6-8 weeks of in-home coaching, with additional clinical services for families in crisis. It aims to build a TBRI®-informed community through partnerships and practices, offering the Hope for the Journey simulcast events for broad community training.
Service Settings: TBRI® training is adaptable across various settings, including foster care, outpatient clinics, community agencies, educational environments, and virtual platforms, ensuring comprehensive support for families and professionals.

How You Can Help: Community partners and donations are vital to our mission. We invite referrals of families in need and welcome support to continue our work. Join us to make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable children and youth, creating a nurturing environment where every child thrives.

Costs and Participation: The program offers limited free slots in specific counties and free community training, including the Hope for the Journey simulcast. For training dates and participation details, or to refer a family or donate, please contact us through the link provided.

By joining Pathway to Connection TBRI® Family Training, you embark on a transformative journey to empower vulnerable children and families, fostering an environment of safety, understanding, and growth.

Upcoming Events

Hope for the Journey Conference 2024

The conference includes research-based tools to promote attachment and connection in families such as Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) methods developed by Drs. Karyn Purvis and David Cross at the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU. TBRI is a care model designed to help meet relational and developmental needs of children and youth impacted by trauma.

This is a free event.

Bakersfield, CA

June 15, 2024

10am -4pm


Santa Maria, CA

June 22, 2024



So Cal Region

Thursdays (6pm-8pm)

*online via ZOOM

- June 6 (Module 1)

- June 13 (Module 2)

- June 20 (Module 3)

- June 27 (Module 4)

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