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Our Story

"We Are a Conduit for Mercy, Service and Wholeness".

Rick L. Smith, the Executive Director of Pathway Family Services, is dedicated to see each foster child’s destiny changed to impact future generations to come. With more than 30 years of experience, he has led a gifted team of managers, social work staff, and hundreds of resource families in serving thousands of children in the California foster care system. He has a history of serving as a key partner with Child Welfare Services in California.

He works tirelessly with community leaders to try to provide a solution to an ever-growing problem of caring for ‘At Risk’ youth served in the foster care system. With compassion and vision, Rick L. Smith believes that Pathway Family Services will continue to be a conduit for mercy, service, and wholeness to all of the children and families under its care.

Rick has recently led Pathway Family Services into expanding its services to serve at risk youth/families who are not current in the foster care system. These new Community Support and Enhanced Care Management services are focused on improving the quality of life for the youth/families in many practical aspects of their lives with the hope and desire that these youth/families will not become a part of the foster care system.

Our Values – I. C.A.R.E.

 I – Integrity
C – Compassion
A – Appreciation
R – Resourcefulness/Respect
E – Excellence

Will you join us in our efforts?

Reach out today to find out how you can be a blessing to these children in need. Whether through financial resources or otherwise, there are hundreds of ways to help.

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