In the summer of 2018, Eva & Mike S. took placement of a sibling set of 3 foster girls ranging from age 4-9. A few months later, the girls’ baby brother (age 2) was able to join them in Eva & Mike S. home. These children had already been placed into 2 resource homes prior to coming to Eva & Mike’s family. They had experienced significant trauma, behavioral challenges, yet Eva & Mike welcomed them into their family with open arms. Eva & Mike’s older biological children were accepting, patient & loving with their new foster siblings. In early 2020, Child Welfare called Pathway asking if this family would be open to taking placement of the foster children’s infant sibling that was being detained. Eva & Mike said “YES” very quickly. Soon, the foster siblings were united with their infant sibling who they had not seen since the baby was born. Currently, all the children graduated their intensive therapeutic services programs and have blossomed. In November 2020, Eva & Mike will be officially adopting 4 of the siblings with adoption of the infant siblings soon to follow early in 2021.
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